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  Alventis Database

  Overview Alventis comes in three Editions. The Overview page gives you a quick glimpse of what each of them contains. To learn more about the features of each Edition, click the corresponding box images below or links in the text or in the Menu bar on the left.

  Features A concise but comprehensive list of Alventis Database features can give you an impression of its power and flexibility. The listed featureset of the Enterprise Edition will give you a quick idea of the product's capabilities, described in more detail on the following pages.

  Standard   Edition



The Standard Edition consists of the Alventis Database application. It gives you the ability to work with data in any existing tables and forms, perform searches, add new records to the above mentioned tables, and so on. You can also create queries and reports. Alventis Standard can access local data stored on your hard disk or accessible via the network. It is equally capable of accessing remote data on a server (which in itself is not part of the Standard Edition). To put it simply, Alventis Standard can work with any existing tables and forms, but cannot modify their structure or create new ones.

  Professional   Edition



The Professional Edition includes everything the Standard Edition has to offer, to which it adds Alventis Designer. This application gives you the ability to modify existing tables and forms and create new ones from scratch. All the tables and forms that come packaged with the Standard Edition (in fact, all editions) have been created using Designer.

  Enterprise   Edition



The Enterprise Edition includes everything from the Professional Edition, and adds the following two items:

The Alventis Server
The Administration Interface
The former is a separate compact executable that implements the server side of the Alventis client/server mode of operation. The latter is simply a special server configuration dialog built directly into the Alventis application. Together, they offer you the greater reliability of data storage on the server, as well as support for multiple users, security, and sophisticated access privileges.

  Version   Comparison   This page discusses the differences between the three Alventis Database editions. It offers advice on how to select the edition that is best suited for your information management needs.

  Mini-Tour Discover some of the core features that Alventis Database has to offer in these annotated screenshots. While by no means exhaustive, they can be used as quick tutorials to some of the most important operations.

  Screenshots The Screenshot Gallery offers yet more application screenshots with brief comments explaining the relevant features.

  Flash Demos These animated and narrated flash "movies" offer short introductions to the main elements of Alventis Database and Designer. Simple workflow examples are demonstrated with the sample data included with the applications.


  Alventis Button Workshop




Button Workshop will let you create elegant and sophisticated navigation bars for your Web site in mere minutes. See the Overview page for further details.

  Features Despite being remarkably easy to use, Button Workshop brings together a large number of powerful features, many of them unique and groundbreaking.

  Screenshots The entire application consists of just three elegant screens, so it is remarkably easy to master.

  Flash Demos Coming soon!

  Samples   Gallery You have already seen two examples of the output produced by Button Workshop: the top and left navigation bars on this very Web site! Further examples demonstrating Button Workshop's power and flexibility can be found on the Gallery page.


  Alventis Double Vision


  Coming soon!



  Flash Demos