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You will find below a few examples of the actual output produced by Alventis Button Workshop. This is, of course, in addition to the top and left navigation bars on this Web site, which offer great examples of Button Workshop's immense power and flexibility.

All buttons are of the "active" or "live" variety: passing the mouse over the button highlights it, and pressing on the button makes it look suitably depressed in one way or another (until you release the mouse).
Please note that these visual effects rely on JavaScript, so you must enable it in your browser to see live buttons properly. Note also that if your browser is Firefox, you may need to allow scripts to change images under advanced Web Features settings.

If you would like to examine these examples closer in your own copy of Button Workshop, you can download the projects that were used to produce the corresponding examples. The download links are found next to each example. Projects have been zipped for faster downloading, so you will need to unzip them into the folder of your choice on your hard drive.

Single Horizontal Line Toolbar
alt : H1_SampleHorizontalLine.html

This very simple example shows a row of buttons with little glyphs (pictures) and captions with shadows. Notice that button corners are transparent, letting the global background brushed metal show through. The buttons are "active": pass the mouse over a button, then slowly click it to see the effect

Download this Button Workshop project

Horizontal Two Lines Transparent Buttons
alt : H2_SampleHorizontalTwoLines.html

This example places buttons on two rows (up to 3 rows are supported). The buttons themselves are semi-transparent, letting the global background show through. Glyphs can extend beyond the boundaries of the buttons, and they too can be semi-transparent as can be seen in the "Download" arrow icon. The buttons are, of course, active, so you can interact with them.

Download this Button Workshop project

Vertical Transparent Buttons Menu
alt : V_SampleVertical.html

This example is quite similar to the preceding one, except that it shows the same buttons with a vertical layout, suitable for Web site's left or right navigation menus. The buttons use the same shape as before, but they have been made slightly less translucent.

Download this Button Workshop project

Vertical Menu with Custom Buttons
alt : VDC_SampleVerticalDC.html

Button Workshop can handle buttons of any shape you like: you are not limited to a pre-defined set of shapes! Here, an image that shows a battery of metallic cylinders has been used as a custom button shape.

Download this Button Workshop project

Custom Shape Buttons
alt : Player_Donut.html

Custom button shapes have no limits or restrictions! You can mix buttons of varying shapes and sizes within a single project. Aside from the predefined horizontal and vertical layouts seen above, you can also position individual buttons whichever way you like. Here, the round middle button was placed floating between and above the semi-circular ones.
In this example, the middle button is of the "Downable" type: once clicked, it changes into a "downed" state (it toggles between "Play" and "Stop" states in this example, but you have full control of every button's appearance in all 8 states).
You may also notice that the metallic-looking buttons are semi-transparent, revealing a little bit of the horizontally-brushed-metal texture behind them. In general, Button Workshop lets you make all button elements as opaque or transparent as you like.

Download this Button Workshop project

Custom Shape Power Button
alt : Pwr_Power.html

This unusual example was created from a photo of a Power button. Just as the real thing, this button can be pressed and released, toggling it between up/down (or off/on) states. This example is also a clear demonstration of the 6 states that an enabled downable button can have: Normal, Mouseover, Clicked, Downed Normal, Downed Mouseover, Downed Clicked. The two other states supported by Button Workshop are Disabled (in the "up" position) and Downed Disabled.

Download this Button Workshop project

Vista Style Buttons
alt : Vst_SampleVista.html

This simple project shows a row of shiny glassy buttons that look very much like those found on the taskbar of Windows Vista. The buttons are downable: click to toggle them between normal and downed states.

Download this Button Workshop project

You will find below a list of assorted Internet resources you may find useful. We loosely grouped them in two broad categories: Web sites that mainly contain button shapes, and sites that offer an assortment of free textures to spice up your designs. You may find some button shapes, textures or moldings that you could download and use in your Button Workshop projects, or you may merely find inspiration. You can of course find many more similar resources by performing a Web search.

Please note that Alventis Corporation is not affiliated with any of these sites, and cannot offer you any guarantees or recommendations with regards to their contents.

All links will open in new browser window or tab for your convenience.

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