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Alventis Database Standard Edition (or simply Alventis) is the Universal Information Manager you always wanted, even if you didn't know it.

The idea is remarkably simple.

You have information to store. Alventis lets you record structured or free-form data - always in the most suitable fashion. Contact information, for example, would be recorded in an Address Book tailored for this kind of data. Notes and documents would be stored in a separate Memo table. Each such Memo is of course a full-featured modern word processor that supports complex layout and formatting. Alventis is loaded with many ready-to-use data tables, ranging from relatively simple ones for your everyday use - to more complex database solutions.

Storing data is just one side of the medal. Once the information is neatly recorded in a multitude of convenient data tables, it's time to retrieve some of it. To do so, you need to find what you're looking for. And this is where Alventis shines. Alventis is based on a simple idea: typing and reading is easy, it's finding what you want to read that is often tricky. Not with Alventis though. Alventis makes searching for information delightfully easy: just start typing whatever text you are looking for - and all matching pieces of data start appearing in a list right in front of your eyes.

And this is another uniquely powerful feature you are sure to love. Did you notice when we said that all matching pieces of data appear in a list? We really did mean it. Alventis can perform lightning-fast searches across as many data tables as you want, and they can all be brought together in a single cumulative list. And did you notice we said "single"? Well, this time we did not mean it. In the sense that with Alventis, you are always free to work simultaneously with as many things as you want, including multiple search results.

There's more. So much more in fact, that it is hard to do Alventis justice with a purely textual description. Which is why you have several ways to get better acquainted with Alventis:

Watch the narrated Flash Demos for an effortless introduction to Alventis.

Read the Alventis Overview that explains some of its most important features in more detail.

Be sure to take a close look at Alventis Designer which gives you the power to create and modify data tables and forms.

Check out the numerous Features, many of them unique and ground-breaking.

Give yourself a head start with our Mini-Tour.

If you are a visual person, take a look at the Screenshot Gallery.

Read the detailed Alventis User's Guide available online or as a separate download.

Best of all: download the Free 30-day Trial version of Alventis to truly appreciate all the graceful power Alventis has to offer!

Alventis Database - an information management dream come true.