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Alventis Database Standard Edition can certainly take you to a world where information is well-organized, easy to store, and even easier to find. Alventis Database Professional takes you far beyond that place - to a level of information management freedom and flexibility you have never experienced before.

Alventis Professional comes with everything Alventis Standard has to offer, to which it adds Alventis Designer (or simply Designer) - a perfect companion to Alventis.

Alventis Designer is remarkably simple. Its sole, yet monumental purpose is to let you create and modify tables and data-entry forms. Which, of course, affords you with the ultimate database management tool there is.

Designer offers you a modern Integrated Development Environment which allows you to define and alter table structures, and create forms based on these tables. What sets it apart is that almost all Designer's power is harnessed with a few mouse clicks and drags-and-drops. There is no code to write, and no macro language to learn. So you can make your first steps in mere minutes, and become productive in a remarkably short time.

Defining a table is very straightforward. All you need to do is specify what fields of what types the table should have. Designer supports numerous data types that should satisfy even a seasoned database professional: various numeric types, string/text, rich memos, graphics, date/time, etc.

Once the table is defined, creating a matching data-entry form is a breeze: just drag the fields and drop them onto the form! This simple and natural act creates form controls or items appropriate for the field they represent. And once the controls, labels, panels, grids, and pictures are in place, you're in for another surprise unique to Alventis Designer: there are no cryptic properties to adjust to make things look and work the way you want. Everything is accomplished using formatting tools familiar to you from most modern word processors. So, once again, the learning curve is greatly reduced, and you are free to design some of the best data-entry forms in the industry - naturally and effortlessly.

As conceptually simple as Designer is, it has quite a few more features "up its sleeve". You can work concurrently with as many things as you want, e.g., multiple tables and multiple forms - even if they belong to different databases, perhaps even different servers. You can specify default values and data-validation conditions. You can create powerful relational database solutions with unprecedented ease. You can create calculated fields. You can quickly create elegant, flexible, resizable forms that will make data-entry a pleasure.

Want to learn more? Here are a few ways for you to do so:

Watch the narrated Flash Demos for an effortless introduction to Alventis and Designer.

Check out the numerous Features, many of them unique and ground-breaking.

Give yourself a head start with our Mini-Tour.

If you are a visual person, take a look at the Screenshot Gallery.

Take a look at Alventis Enterprise which unleashes the power of client/server architecture onto groups of multiple users.

Read the detailed Alventis User's Guide available online or as a separate download.

Last but not least: download the Free 30-day Trial version and see for yourself all the power and grace Alventis and Designer have to offer!