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Alventis Database Features


Unlimited number of concurrently-accessible data formats
Work simultaneously with multiple servers, each with multiple databases, each with multiple tables
Relational databases are fully supported
Multiple concurrent users are supported
Comprehensive security
Concurrent local, peer-to-peer, and client/server access to data
Great scalability: from personal use involving a handful of directly-accessed tables - to enterprise-wide use with client/server access to tables with tens or hundreds of thousands of records
 Wizards help you with the most common operations


  Data Formats

Alventis comes with a number of useful tables and forms pre-created for you:

Defect Tracking
Sales Leads
Video Collection
Car Manufacturers
Real Estate
States and Provinces

You can, of course, customize all of the above to your liking using Alventis Designer.

  Fast and Powerful Search

InstaSearch™ displays the list of search results "live", as you type the search expression
Search syntax supports complex Boolean and proximity operators, as well as wildcards
Searches are performed on all fields of all selected tables, even if they belong to different databases or servers
All text is indexed automatically, so you don't need to manually supply any keywords
Full-text indexing provides for almost instantaneous searches
Full-text indices are always automatically maintained up-to-date
All search results are presented in a single cumulative list
You can create as many such search lists as you want, and use them concurrently
You don't need to organize records in tree structures or folders, so Alventis can easily handle and navigate tables with tens of thousands of records


  Flexible Data Visualization

Powerful and exceptionally easy to use reporting
Reports can be created from scratch or customized - all with unprecedented ease
Mark data records visually by applying styles to individual records, tables, or whole databases
Advanced users can write queries using industry-standard SQL
Whenever appropriate, data is presented to you in spreadsheet-like grids, so you see all relevant information with no need to tediously examine each record in a dialog box
Grids support sorting, grouping, and filtering, thus giving you a lot of flexibility for visualizing information
Each table can have multiple data-entry forms associated with it, and you can easily switch between them
Carefully-designed security policies may allow one group of users to use one form, while restricting another group to another form, perhaps making some sensitive information unavailable to them


  Design Your Own Databases

Create new tables and forms from scratch or modify existing ones
Use a broad range of field types appropriate for your data: various numeric types, string/text, rich memos, graphics, date/time, Boolean.
Create forms with a variety of data-aware and layout controls: various edit boxes, combo boxes, checkboxes, bullet groups, memos, picture boxes, grids, as well as panels, splitters, page controls, and so on.
Powerful and sophisticated tools let you make your custom forms resizable, making their contents move and resize proportionally - all with no code or macros to write
Forms can be created or modified using Alventis Designer while the database is on-line and in active use
Almost no dialog boxes and no property sheets provides for an easy learning curve
No programming is required - ever - to produce complete relational database solutions (RDBMS)


  Extensive Import and Export Capabilities

Powerful and flexible import/export of table formats, data, and forms allows you to easily share all of the above between multiple copies of Alventis
Import data from a variety of sources: text (delimited or fixed-width), Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, DBF, and XML; export to delimited text files
Exchange memos with a variety of document formats: Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, plain text, and many other formats if you have the corresponding Microsoft Office Converters installed


  Rich Text Memos

Memos support rich contents with sophisticated text formatting, bulleted/numbered lists, layout, nested tables, embedded pictures, hyperlinks, etc.
Unique MemoSearch™ feature highlights all matches in the text and next to the scrollbar, making navigation in lengthy documents a breeze
Apply formatting to your documents with a single click using our innovative InstaButton™ tools
See your formatting changes applied directly to the text "live", without leaving the dialog box
Memos can use international alphabets in a variety of character sets, allowing mixing them even within a single record (Unicode is not supported though)
The built-in multilingual spellcheck and English thesaurus work not only in memos, but also in all text boxes on data-entry forms
The LiveSpell feature underlines misspelled words in Memos with a wiggly red line


  User Friendly Interface

Unique and effective Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
Work at the same time with multiple servers, databases, tables, records, forms, reports, and so on
Almost all user interface windows and forms are resizable (except for some rare modal dialog boxes)
Interface persistence: closing and re-opening the application preserves most of its state
The interface is dynamic and highly configurable:
  Create and change grid and group summaries with a click of the mouse
  Customize menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts
  Rearrange the layout of many forms
Unique interface features make you more productive:
  RotoSplitters™ are splitters that can be toggled between horizontal and vertical orientations
  PanelZoom™ allows you to temporarily zoom in or maximize a section of a form


  Get Results - Fast

The streamlined interface uses very few dialog boxes, which makes learning to use Alventis - quick, and using it - pleasant and effortless
Easy installation: even the server is a single compact executable
Installation makes almost no modifications to your Windows environment, so you can feel safe knowing Alventis cannot have any negative impact on your system's stability (no DLLs or other shared files, nothing but licensing and uninstall information in the registry)
Alventis is exceptionally compact for all the power and flexibility it has to offer, and it will work on any computer capable of comfortably running Windows (that satisfies our minimum system requirements)
A comprehensive User's Guide suitable for users of all levels is included
Friendly and knowledgeable support is always at your disposal via the on-line forums on this site
Free minor or bugfix updates