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If you take information management seriously, you've come to the right place. And since we started on such a serious note, we'll continue keeping this subject simple and to the point.

Alventis Database Enterprise gives you everything that the Professional Edition has to offer, to which it adds the server.

The server is a separate application. What you may find unusual is how remarkably easy it is to set up and configure. There are no complicated deployment procedures that would require a skilled technician to lose sleep for several days. The server is simply installed as part of the Free 30-day Trial version. It is so light-weight that it can be run under any supported version of Windows, even concurrently with other applications, although we would not recommend doing so in a production environment.

The Enterprise Edition unleashes the multi-user features and capabilities built into Alventis. The most important of these features is undoubtedly security. Alventis Enterprise employs a sophisticated security model that should offer you all the power and flexibility you've come to expect from an industrial-strength enterprise-class product. It offers both group-based and hierarchical privileges that allow fine-grained control over access to individual objects.

The management of the servers and of their associated multi-user security is performed via a convenient interface accessible directly from the Alventis application.

The following list sums up some of the most important elements that Alventis Enterprise has to offer:

  True client/server architecture
  Multiple users who can access data even via the Internet
  Sophisticated and flexible security
  Exceptionally simple deployment - as easy as launching an executable

Alventis Enterprise will let you build and deploy flexible database solutions easily, efficiently, and faster than you ever though possible.

To appreciate the full power of Alventis Enterprise, you have several choices:

Check out the numerous Features, many of them unique and ground-breaking.

Give yourself a head start with our Mini-Tour.

If you are a visual person, take a look at the Screenshot Gallery.

Peruse the Version Comparison which offers a detailed discussion of some possible enterprise configurations.

Read the Alventis User's Guide available online or as a separate download.

Finally: download the Free 30-day Trial version which includes everything the Enterprise Edition has to offer - and see for yourself!