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Wallace Paddington 2006-10-01 03:13 PM

"Field Country not found" error with Contacts

I have a bit of a problem here. Everything seems to work great, except for the Contacts table. I try to create a new one (a contact) and it gives me an error "Field Country not found". Seems to work with other tables, so I guess I'm not doing anything wrong. What's up with that?


Michael 2006-10-01 05:17 PM

Re: "Field Country not found" error with Contacts
Hi Wallace,

I just checked, and it seems that one of our installation packages indeed had a problem, very sorry about that. This was affecting only the Contacts table (as you have noticed). Basically, the physical table files were out-of-sync with the InfoSet definition (as listed by the FieldGrid, for example).

We have fixed the problem, and there are 2 ways for you to make things right on your side:

A) Re-download the installation package from our site here, and re-install Alventis. This should preserve all your existing data (but DO make a backup just in case!). Essentially, all the re-installation should do is update the Contacts table.

B) Alternatively, fix the problem yourself. Here's how:
1. Open Designer and ensure that under Settings, "Table Saving Mode" is set to "Save Table explicitly...".
2. Perform some "insignificant" change of any field of the Contacts table, e.g., increment the length of a String field by 1. For example, set the length of "Category" to 51. Post your changes (by simply focusing another field).
3. Save the Contacts table by clicking the corresponding Save button in the "Tables & InfoViews" grid at the top. At this point, the Contacts table is already fixed.
4. Optionally, but preferably (to keep the Contacts table structure "standard"), return it back to "normal" by repeating steps 2 and 3. Except that this time, you'd decrement the field length in step 2 thus returning it to what it was originally. Save the table again.
5. Optionally, return the Settings to the way they were originally (if you prefer).
It all sounds complicated, but in reality it takes about 20 seconds, and it saves you the trouble of re-downloading the package.

I hope this resolves the problem for you, and I am sorry about the inconvenience it must have caused you.

Wallace Paddington 2006-10-02 11:39 AM

Re: "Field Country not found" error with Contacts
Wow, that was quick! Everything works fine now, thanks! :D

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