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System Requirements

Generally speaking, all Alventis products should work with no problems on any computer that can comfortably run Windows. Each application needs enough disk space, enough memory, enough display space and colors, a pointing device, and enough processor speed. We will attempt to quantify all these items below.

Operating system. Any version of Windows should work: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/Vista have all been successfully tested. It is impossible to test all versions of Windows with all possible combinations of system software installed, but we don't expect any problems under any "flavors" of the above. Our software does not explicitly depend on any versions of any system components, such as Internet Explorer. The only exception is that the HTML-based User's Guides that come with each product rely upon the Microsoft HTML Help application, which is available on all systems where Internet Explorer 3.0 or later has been installed. If you are using Windows 95 or NT 4.0 with no Internet Explorer, you will need to install the HTML Help application, available free of charge on the Microsoft Web site under the name "HHUpd.exe". Lastly, we recommend using a version of Windows built around the NT platform (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, and later) since these OS's are significantly more robust than Windows 95/98/Me.

Disk space. Each product requires about 20 MB of hard disk space minimally. This does not include any data you may store in Alventis Database or projects you may create in Button Workshop, so plan according to the volume of the data you intend to enter or import. Note that data may reside on a disk or disks other than the one where you install the applications.

Available memory. Alventis applications are fairly compact, but they do benefit from having 20 to 30 MB of RAM allocated to them. If you have no problems running Windows and opening several mid-sized applications, Alventis programs should be perfectly happy.

Display resolution. 800x600 is a minimum, and that - assuming you are using "Small Fonts" (96dpi). Higher resolutions are highly recommended if you want to be productive. Display considerations obviously do not apply to the server (which is part of the Alventis Database Enterprise Edition).

Display colors. Alventis programs need a minimum of 16-bit color. True color (24-bit or 32-bit) is recommended. Note that Alventis Database will work with 256 colors as far as data operations are concerned, but all formatting that has anything to do with color is likely to have display problems, such as non-standard colors displayed as gray. Which is why this mode is not officially supported.

Processor speed. Many operations don't require much CPU performance, while some are fairly computation-intensive. We consider comfortable performance at the level of Intel Pentium II 300 MHz. Alventis products will certainly work on an older Pentium CPU, and may even run on a 80386, but we consider a Pentium-class CPU (or equivalent) as a sensible minimum. As always, the faster - the better.

Pointing device. Alventis products require a mouse or a similar device for some of their features. A keyboard is obviously required as well.

Connectivity. This requirement is only applicable to Alventis Database. When using client/server mode, Alventis relies on the TCP/IP protocol to communicate with the Server, so you will need a functional and properly configured TCP/IP stack to use the client/server mode of operation. If you can access the Internet from your copy of Windows, your configuration most likely meets the requirements.