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Try any of the Alventis products free for 30 days!

At the bottom of this page, you will find the "Download" buttons. Clicking them will let you download the 30-day trial version of the application of your choosing. You will be able to use almost all features of each program for 30 days from the first time you run it. We said "almost" because there are some minor limitations in each product's trial version: Alventis Database does not allow saving of report templates (but you can still produce custom reports), Button Workshop will print a small watermark on output images produced during the trial period.

Download and Installation Instructions (skip to the bottom of the page if you consider yourself an expert downloader)

Click the Download button to start the download of the Installer for the product you are interested in. If your browser prompts you to save or open the file, elect to save it. Select a folder on your hard drive where you would like to save the Installer. Any folder is fine, but do make sure you remember where you are saving it: you will need this information later.

Alventis Database Installer is around 13.5 MB, so the download should take around 35-40 minutes on a dial-up 56K connection, significantly less if your Internet connection is faster. Button Workshop and Double Vision Installers are about half as large, so they will download twice as fast.

Once the download has completed, you must install the application. You can remain connected to the Internet or disconnect at this point: the Installer does not use the Internet, so it does not matter.

Locate the Installer file you have downloaded on your hard drive. To do so, you'd use your favorite file manager, e.g., Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder containing the Installer and launch it by double-clicking it.

Follow the prompts. Simply accepting all proposed defaults should be fine in most cases. The installation should not take more than a minute.
Once the installation has finished, you should find the program shortcuts in one or more places, depending on your version of Windows and your installation choices.

A set of shortcuts has been created for you under Start Menu Programs Alventis (or Alventis Button Workshop or Alventis Double Vision). If you made appropriate choices at the time of the installation, shortcuts may have also been created for you on the Desktop and on the Quick Launch toolbar.
Use whichever shortcut you prefer to launch the program you have installed.

The User's Guides are accessible from the following places:
a separate shortcut under Start Menu Programs Alventis;
the command Help under the Help menu in the program;
finally, in Alventis Database and Designer, the same command is available on one of the toolbars.
You can also invoke context-sensitive help by hitting F1 from anywhere within any of the applications. This will take you to the most relevant topic of the relevant Guide.

Download Free 30-day Trial Versions

Download Alventis Database
    Latest Version: 1.24
Download Button Workshop
    Latest Version: 1.00
Download Double Vision
    Latest Version: 1.00